Ordinary to Expert Guide in Trading: Simple Steps You Can Take

The stock market can be a scary place for someone who is not well versed in it. For those of us who are new to trading, it can seem like an impossible task. But with some research and understanding of the basics, we can break down how to trade stocks into easy steps.

This blog post will lay out these ten simple steps so that you don’t have to go through the same frustrations I did when I first started investing!

No.1 step: Write what the steps are and when they should be done or completed

Many people say that you need to have a certain amount of money to trade stocks – this is not true! According to Investopedia, “You will need an initial deposit for $0 since Robinhood offers commission-free trading.” So for those new investors who don’t want any risk with their investment, there’s one way to do it without much effort at all.

Day Trading isn’t for everyone, though, because it requires more time than long-term investing does. It can take days just waiting for your investments to turn over and make a profit, so keep that in mind before starting day trading too quickly.


No.2 step: Write what you should do with your time when waiting for investments to turn over and make a profit.

Long Term Investments are great if you’re not interested in making large amounts of money quickly but instead want something that will be more sustainable year after year.

However, there is no set number on how much money one needs before they start trading stocks; this is why Robinhood makes things so accessible by offering commission-free trades!

Once you’ve gotten some experience under your belt, I recommend that beginners try day trading as well – there’s nothing like the thrill of knowing when an order is going to be filled.

No.3 step: Write what you should do if unsure of how much money to invest to begin trading stocks.

If new investors wonder about the amount of money they need for their desired trade, I recommend researching your risk tolerance and investing accordingly!

If someone has a high-risk tolerance, then it’s safe to put more into an investment because there is less chance that that person will panic under pressure.

No.4 step: Write what you should do if unsure of how much money to invest to begin trading stocks and where the best place is for beginners to learn about investing or start selling stock.

Robinhood offers commission-free trades, making things easier from the get-go, but I recommend doing your research before deciding on a broker that suits your interests!

The Motley Fool does an excellent job at helping investors figure out their needs – they also have beginner guides and more advanced tips and tricks for those looking for it (and with over one million articles available, there’s plenty of information). So if you’re worried about timing, don’t be!

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