What You Should Know About Stairlifts

A stairlift is a mechanical chair-like device basically used for transporting persons from one floor to another, especially those with physical disabilities, up and downstairs. The stairlifts are usually fixed on railings that are fitted to the floor of the staircase. A custom stairlift is fitted to accommodate the design of the stairs it is installed to. It is important to note that stairlifts are electrical in nature to facilitate their automatic usage.

Components of a stairlift

A Motor

The motor of a stairlift is usually found within the base of the device. The motor is what powers the lift’s movement. It receives its power from the battery.

The Battery

A battery is the main power source used to facilitate the functioning of the stairlift. The battery is mostly located at the base of the stairlift. The placing of the battery at the bottom of the stairlift has some added engineering advantages as it enhances the stability of the device. The battery’s main function is to powers the motor.


The gear is usually connected to the motor. It is the motor that powers up the gears causing the actual movement of the lift.  It is the gear movement that brings about the movement of the stairlift up and down the lift’s track. What happens is that the direction of the motor rotation determines the side of the stairlift movement. The reversal of the rotor movement is what will cause the stairlift to travel in the opposite direction.

Factors to consider before the purchase of a stairlift.

The Stairlift’s Length and Width 

Custom stairlifts can be manufactured to fit nearly any staircase length. Accurate measurements of the stair’s length and width need to be measured by the experts. The measurements ensure that the stairlift’s track is constructed to fit the stairs full length and prevent the installation of a very wide stairlift. A wide stairlift is likely to obstruct the path of the stair users. The lifts are available in a range of widths depending on the user’s needs. Most of them require only about 29″ of space, a standard easily met by most modern staircases. When they are not in use, the seat, armrests, and footrest fold flat against the wall to maximize the usable staircase space for the other staircase users. A good measures stairlift will make the device look neat and efficient in the eyes of the users. This is because of the plenty of space left on the staircases.

The Stairlift’s Power Source

Most Stairlifts, including custom stairlifts, are usually battery-powered. Despite the Batteries’ ability to store energy for later use by the machine. The battery requires access to a voltage outlet to recharge its battery. Most stairlift batteries require the standard voltage of 110v to safely recharge as per their various manufacturer’s specifications. In the event of power outages in the locality of one with a stairlift, a fully-charged stairlift can continually. Provide its services until the stored charge in the battery is exhausted.

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