What are the best free pdf editors?

You can edit pdf online easily, like text files, when you use the correct free software. The free pdf editor makes it simple to edit pdf files without paying for a subscription. Free pdf editors allow you to modify text and images in pdf without converting them to other formats or paying for their use. Pdf file is a fantastic way of sharing information in school, business and in general life. A pdf document does not change regardless of any program used to open or view it. Therefore, pdf document is the best method to save important information if it can cause misinterpretation when open in other formatting or document styles that can change it.

 The major problem with pdf files is that there are very few free pdf editors. The reason is that Adobe, who created pdf formats, still owns some technologies that are associated with it. Software manufacturers pay Adobe some money to work with pdfs; that is why several programs save documents or files in the pdf form but cannot edit them. Since there are few free pdf editors, it becomes difficult to identify the right one to use.

 Which are the best free pdf editors?

The pdf file you want to modify determines which free pdf editor to download and use. If you only want to insert some text to a form digitally, you need a basic editor that allows information insertion. However, if you have to modify pdf content substantially, You require a more powerful pdf editor supporting text or image modifications in the file. If you want to modify the entire file content, it is better to use pdf to word converter program. Some of the free pdf editors are:


It is a free and cloud-based pdf editor. It has an easy user interface that allows you to add images or text to a pdf document. Besides, it has a simple e-signing and allows you to add highlights and comments to the saved pdf document.

It contains a lot of pdf modification tools along with other editing functions. It has several options to convert pdf files into other easier formats of editing like PowerPoint and word. You can merge pdf files into one file and save space. The best thing about the software is cloud-based. Therefore, you can access it through any device that supports it by just visiting the Smallpdf website then drag and drop the pdf file into the browser. There is a free trial prompt for those who want to install the desktop program to edit offline.

Pdf-xchange Editor

 It is a free pdf editor in windows computers manufactured by tracker software, and It has built-in OCR. Its interface is a bit complex compared to Smallpdf editing. However, you access many helpful features like a stamp option used in making documents as approved or expired. Most people use pdf-xchange editor because it has inbuilt character recognition. Therefore, It does not matter if the pdf file is a photocopy since the platform recognizes it and allows you to edit. Besides, you can reformat the text and convert it into fonts that are not loaded on your computer.

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