There are many gold-buying options to choose from since gold is hot currently. You can buy gold-mining stocks and proxy for gold as a gold ETF. You can trade impending contracts, and there exist gold mutual funds. If you intend to expose yourself to gold, most experts will advise you that it is best to hold the physical metal, including gold coins.

There are various options for the physical metal. You could acquire bars, coins or rounds, and each of them has a wide range of variety to pick. Gold coins vary from rounds in that the government authorities issue coins while private mints issue rounds. Government coins are widely more acceptable, and the added liquidity makes the gold coins preferable compared to rounds.

Gold coins have a great resale potential compared to rounds or bars. The coin value will only continue to gain more worth with time, and the coins are beautiful in their way. If you are looking to get survival-based metals, invest or hedge inflation, now is the best time to collect the gold bullion in coins that are revered worldwide. The following are the most popular types of United States gold coins that are amongst the best to look out for:

  • American Eagle

The American Eagle is renowned worldwide and is the perfect blend of the American Spirit. IT has Liberty on one side and bald eagles on the other. It is a 1-ounce gold coin with two choices; uncirculated coins and proofs. Uncirculated coins are blanks burnished by hand into a coin press and have the West Point mint mark, while proofs have multiple strikes that provide fine details on a mirrored blank during the minting process.

Most U.S collectors and investors favour these coins since they are popular and easy to trade, sell or value. The gold coin is an investment approved for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) and sales and purchases to the public relieved from the Internal Revenue Service’s Form 1099-B reporting requirements. The gold coin is an attractive and guaranteed investment you can stack against economic crises and currency challenges.

  • American Buffalo

The 1-ounce gold coin has a Native American profile on one side and a buffalo on the other side. The edges of the American Buffalo are irregular, with a thickness of about half a millimetre. You could look out for the 2006 original issue or, even better, the 2008 first issue of uncirculated American Buffalo gold coins since only 3000 are there.

The 1-ounce gold coin premiered in 2006 to answer Canada’s 1-ounce Gold Maple Leaf by the U.S Mint. Each coin has a stamp “1 OZ.9999 FINE GOLD” on the backside, and it is a delicate 24k gold coin of the purest, high content gold coin.

With markets currently declining, investing in gold coins is an investment strategy with a guarantee supported by stable governments and worth maintaining and considering. Many other types of United States gold coins are popular. Still, most staples like the Gold American Eagles, Maple Leafs, American Buffalo, Philharmonics, Krugerrands and Britannia ensure security, liquidity, longevity and quality.

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