Everything You Need To Know About TUNGSTEN

More than one hundred chemical elements that make up the periodic table have been described. These, in one way or another, structurally compose all the matter in the cosmos. Tungsten is number 74, from group six, its symbology is W, and it is one of the earth’s rarest minerals. It is not usually available in its pure state.

According to the degree of purity, tungsten can be gray to white. It is found naturally in some rocks and mixed with other elements. It is one of the hardest and densest and can reach the highest melting point and boiling point.

Physical Properties Of Tungsten

Tungsten is a gray mineral in its pure state. It is the one with the highest melting point (3,410 degrees Celsius). It is also the metal with the highest resistance to friction. It has the lowest thermal expansion factor among metals in its pure state. It has low thermal expansion. With small amounts of tungsten, highly resistant alloys can be produced with excellent advantages: high final resistance, good resistance to chemical corrosion, and great solidity.

Although rhenium has the same melting point as tungsten, the latter behaves much better when exposed to large amounts of heat. Molybdenum is often a substitute for tungsten if it is in short supply.

Chemical Properties

Tungsten can resist the reactions of almost all acids as long as its purity state is relatively high. Hydrogen peroxide and nitric acid are the minerals that cause the most damage to tungsten; it oxidizes quickly when exposed to them. It is resistant to corrosion of almost all the most known acids and in any of their concentrations while it is at room temperature. It is only alloyed with refectory metals and a few other exceptions. Tungsten is diluted with molten aluminum, and despite not having similarities with it, it alloys excellently.

Tungsten Uses

This mineral is used to construct threads for electric light bulbs and opponents of the electric flow in electric stoves. It is also used in the world of motorsports for the manufacture of electrical contacts for car distributors. When tungsten is fused with other metals, it is used to make high-speed cutting instruments, such as burs for dental instruments. It is also used to make pen tips.

The tungsten crystals with the BCC system turn out to be shield capable of stopping all types of radiation. Tungsten alloys can withstand gamma-ray and neutron emissions. It is a shield par excellence that lacks toxicity. Otherwise, it happens with lead. To learn more about Tungco Tungsten Soft Scrap Recycling, you can visit the website.

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