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Crypto trading is the booming trend in the market. Investors, traders, and several other people use different cryptocurrencies to alter their value and the latest scenarios. Cryptos proved to be a better investment option for many. So, here is a beginners’ guide to opening a trading account on a crypto exchange.

Creating a Trading Account: 

Before beginning to trade using cryptocurrencies, it is best to understand the market scenarios and various aspects related to them. Enter the exchanges when at least the basics are clear. This also includes choosing the source for trading. Generally, there are two ways for crypto trade – the exchange and brokers.

Exchanges are agencies providing a platform for investors to trade their crypto assets. You’ll have various choices, different rewards, benefits, and a lot more from exchanges. Brokers, on the other hand, are a connection between the sources and you. As in, you’ll buy crypto assets from a broker rather than an agency directly.

It is best to rely on agencies, for you’ll have a lot of benefits like rewards, storage options, etc. If you are looking for crypto exchange, Zikex is a good choice. This platform provides various cryptos, different rewards, and several intriguing features for trade. So, here is how to create account – Zikex.

  1. Signing in with Zikex 

You’ll first need to sign in with Zikex to begin your trade. This exchange is available as a website and a mobile application too. The Mobile version comes for both Android and iOS. You can choose either way to create account – Zikex.

  • Download the Zikex application if you are using the mobile version. Else, open the Zikex official application.
  • Click on the Sign-Up option, and the page redirects to a new window.
  • Here, Zikex asks for your details like name, email ID, password, etc. Fill these wherever necessary.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email to the given ID. Complete the verification to activate your account on Zikex.

Users also need to complete third-party verification before purchasing different packages from Zikex.

  1. Verification 

As mentioned above, you might need to complete a customer verification process on Zikex in some cases. You can do that on Zikex in the following way if needed.

  • First, select your country of residence. Zikex initiates the process accordingly.
  • Now, the Zikex platform redirects to a new window where you’ll need to enter the relevant details and upload an identity proof if asked.

You’ll now need to await confirmation from Zikex. You can start using your Zikex account and begin your crypto trade as soon as you receive the confirmation.

  1. Using Zikex for Crypto Trade 

Your account on Zikex is completely active for the crypto trade. You’ll need to make an initial deposit before beginning the trade. Sign in to your Zikex account and complete the deposit as and when you wish to participate in the crypto trade. The best thing here is the reward from Zikex. As in, you’ll receive a special reward from Zikex whenever you sign-up for the platform and make your first deposit.

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