Case of Misbehavior on the Part of Abiola Oke 

On 24rth June 2020, both the sites of OkayPlayer and OkayArfica announced the resignation of the publisher and CEO. Recent allegations have been surfaced against him due to his bad conduct in the work arena. Both the companies have started to break ties with the CEO on an immediate basis, and they have readily accepted the resignation of Abiola. All have accepted the resignation most willingly, and there is no difference of opinion as to making the CEO leave the position then and there. The action has been taken on the complaint of the brave woman who stepped forward to speak against the misbehavior of Abiola.

The allegation against the CEO

To look into the case of Abiola Oke, the company has started with the process of engaging an external advisor for reviewing and investigating the case based on the past and the current policies along with the preferred practices. The company people are dedicated to creating the kind of work ambiance that should be inclusive and dignified for all people working within the organization. The3 public declaration was made after the offering of the open letter, and the letter was signed by all seven black females with the details of the complaints against the former CEO.

Adversities to Face 

All have voted for the removal of the CEO, and his position would not be restored for long. From the year 2015 to 2020, several black women have been working in both companies of OkayPlayer and OkayAfrica, and most people were subjected to a lack of resources and support. Under the supervision of the former CEO, the women have received poor salaries, and they were made to work under insufficient leadership. The women were badly targeted and sabotaged by Abiola, and things came on the surface when an allegation was made by a brave black woman, and now Abiola has no reasons to show for his misconduct.

Stand Taken by the Women 

The women were slandered and verbally abused, and the kind of inappropriate behavior from the CEO made them quit and brought about the allegation against the publisher openly. Lack of empathy at the workplace for months made the women suffer badly, and they were now looking for a reason to speak against Abiola and bring things to the surface. The man was the greatest manipulator, and he made ways to torture the employees mentally and maybe on the physiological front in the case of the females.

Final Protest against Female Sabotage 

The role of Abiola Oke has not been promising down the years. He has always been unpopular due to his unethical and poor behavior. People started feeling suffocated due to his bad conduct, and at last, they took the stand to protest against him and show him his right place. Misbehavior against women has always been a matter of concern in several African organizations. The case of Abiola was no exception. Years of foul play on the part of the CEO made the aggression stronger, and now people had no point to back step.

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