Accused of Committing Internet Crimes? Know How a New Jersey Internet Crime Lawyer can Help You

Strict federal laws that prohibit the use of the internet, computer networks, or computers for committing legal acts are in place. An internet crime conviction can have criminal penalties that can be serious. The most serious internet-related crimes can carry a possible sentence of years in prison or a life sentence. Those who have been accused of committing an internet crime or have been formally charged in federal court must have an experienced new jersey internet crimes attorney on their side. The right attorney can skillfully navigate the federal criminal justice system and improve their client’s chances of getting a favorable outcome at trial. 

Kinds of Internet Crimes

Internet crime refers to any illegal conduct through the use of the internet. It falls within the broader category of cybercrime, a kind of crime that involves the use of a computer or computer network. As the internet has been increasingly used these days, the majority of cybercrimes are now considered internet crimes. Some of the internet crimes that may result in an investigation and possible prosecution include identity theft, trafficking in passwords, money laundering, information theft, unauthorized computer access, theft of service, phishing, skimming, cyber-attacks, and more. 

How Internet Crime Lawyers Can Defend their Clients

When a client is facing charges in federal court for an internet-related crime such as information theft or fraud, they have to deal with the federal government’s full force. Defendants in these cases are presumed innocent until proven guilty under the law. Regardless of the severity of the criminal charges, a defense attorney can use something to challenge the case of the prosecution and improve the defendant’s chances of getting an acquittal trial. In general, internet crime defense lawyers use strategies such as arguing that the client was wrongfully accused of the crime, a victim of entrapment, or a victim of mistaken identity. Also, the attorney can claim that the prosecution got the evidence against the client during an illegal search.

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