8 Tips For Lawn Care

The lawn is a decorative element that will make your garden a much more cheerful and colorful place. However, a lawn that does not receive proper care can spoil our garden’s image.

Lawn care in jackson nj experts suggests that the first thing you should consider is that you have to take a good look at where you want to have grass. If it does not get sun, or very little, it will hardly prosper. Not all spaces are suitable. If it is shaded all day long, it will be a waste of resources because it will never grow. It is a photosynthesis thing. Next, you must decide when planting a new lawn with seed what type of grass you will sow depending on the use you will give it and your area’s climatic and environmental conditions. There are different varieties of grasses. Some are perfectly adapted to wetter conditions and others to drier conditions; others are more tolerant to being walked on often, and others are more delicate in that respect. You can mix the seeds of different types of grass to get more resistant and showy plantations. In your garden store, they will be able to advise you on which is the best grass and which will be easier to take care of according to your specific needs.

Besides choosing the grass you want to plant, you should measure the planting area you wish to cover to buy a good seed. It is usual to sow at a ratio of 35 grams of grain per square meter of land.

Once you have planted your lawn, put these eight lawn care in jackson nj tips into practice so that the grass in your garden is always the greenest and arouses the admiration and envy of your neighbors. It is essential to keep in mind that grass is one of your garden’s most demanding parts and one of the best looking.

  1. Keep It Well Pruned

We recommend doing it in the hours when it is less hot, either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. If you are going to use a pruning shear, we recommend sharpening the blades with a file.

  1. Long Enough

We suggest you not mow your lawn too short during the dry season, as it will have less protection to face the season and could turn yellow.

  1. Special Care In The Dry Season

When rainfall is scarce is when your lawn needs watering the most. Never let it dry out, and hydrate the substrate well down to the roots.

  1. Kill Fungus

When a yellowish or brownish stain appears, and it is not due to lack of watering, it is a most likely fungus. Use a fungicide to prevent it from spreading.

  1. Don’t Get A Crawl

Worms are especially harmful to grass, as they damage the roots. Water abundantly and cover with black plastic in the evening to collect the dead larvae the following day.

  1. Repair Damaged Areas

If there is an area that is not growing and the others, we suggest moving the soil a little and adding fertilizer. We assure you that the green will come back.

  1. Replant

After a good watering at the end of the dry season, we suggest you sow some grass again in the areas where the grass is dry or in bad condition.

  1. The Best Time Of The Year

If you want to sow grass, we suggest you do it during the rainy season, especially at the end of the dry season, since dead particles can act as nutrients.

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