Video Production: Where To Start Creating Successful Videos

Using narrative, it is possible to present complex ideas and concepts simply and visually with the videos. They can be business videos, educational videos, and social media videos, as they are dynamic and have a visual impact. Videos which can be done by gillespie productions for instance are a versatile solution for various business strategies, making them a great way to promote your business and engage your internal audience.

Before you start producing a video, you need to understand some character and color concepts that will make a difference in the success of your video. Check out!

Mental Map

Used to organize video ideas, the mind map is a tool that unites creativity with the organization. As the mind map, it is possible to think of themes for productions, structure the key points of a script and organize the step by step of recording a video. In diagram form, the technique uses the connection of key concepts in a branching structure that leaves the ideas visually pleasing and organized for video production.


Archetypes are guides to help design your video characters. They are a set of primordial images in the population’s collective consciousness. With the characteristics of archetypes inserted into characters in a story, their virtues and fears go hand in hand, and both must be explored to demonstrate the character’s complexity. The archetypes are divided into 12 characters: innocent, explorer, sage, heroes, outlaw, wizard, common guy, lover, jester, helpful, creator, and ruler.

Color Psychology

The effect of colors on the human brain has been researched for years. With the advancement of neuromarketing studies, it has been proven that colors influence the viewer’s attention and their decision process.

Knowing the effects of colors on your target audience will help you choose elements of scenery, clothing, and graphics for the video. These elements are essential to correctly convey the desired message to the audience and assist them in deciding between watching the video produced.

Audiovisual Dictionary

In touch with a video production team? It is essential to master the vocabulary used in scripts and recording sets.

For example, framing is how much of the image will be shown in the final video. They are wide, medium, or close shots based on how much of the character’s body will appear. Camera moves also have specific names, and the equipment mentioned may not have such common names. The audiovisual dictionary for beginners and intermediates will help you understand these expressions and facilitate communication with the team.

Video Pre-Production Documents

Pre-production is where all the organization of the shooting process takes place. So, when recording, big surprises are less likely to happen.

We organize the process into 8 interdependent steps, remembering that the quality of the final video is directly linked to the quality of each step.

Among the main documents are the briefing, creation script, and storyboard. Pre-production ensures minimal alignment between the people and teams involved, whether a professional or amateur video. This will save you a lot of work later.

Motion Graphics

Animation is a way of highlighting your content among the various videos available on the internet. Motion graphics are graphic elements that appear as openings and closings, captions, and presentation boards.

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