Transportable Fuel Storage to Drive Industry

We have always needed fuel to power our engines and generators and that isn’t going to change anytime soon, yet the way we move fuel around and store this precious commodity is being transformed with hi-tech solutions that come in the form of special fuel tanks that can easily be transported and stored.

Wide Range of Sizes

The latest generation of portable fuel tanks come in a range of sizes, from 499 litres to a huge ground station that has a capacity of 68,000 litres, plus there are many intermediate models, so there will be a tank that is just perfect for your needs.

The units have a range of features that include:

  • Access Hatch – For easy cleaning and inspection.
  • Crane Lift Supports – Units can be stacked.
  • Removeable Inner Tank.
  • Four-Way Forklift Slots – For easy movement.
  • Double-Walled – For extra protection.
  • Lockable Equipment Cabinet – For safe storage of tools and equipment.

Rental Division

While you can purchase these amazing fuel tanks, there is also a hire section of the company where you can rent tanks and equipment for as long as you require them. This is ideal for building contractors that work on sites for 2-3 months, as they can order a unit to be delivered at the start of the project then have it taken away at the right time.

The Benefits of Portability

Having fuel tanks that can easily be moved by either crane or forklift is a real game-changer for many industries, especially when working on large construction sites where a bank of power generators need to be regularly moved close to the work venue. The amount of time and work that you can save with portable fuel storage can really make a difference and these units come with a full warranty and are built to last.

Expert Advice

If you make contact with a leading tank supplier, they would be happy to advise you regarding fuel transportation and storage and would be able to recommend the best products for the venue. If your fuel tanks have seen better days, why not take a look at the latest generation of fuel tanks that are very easy to move around?

Keeping Essential Machinery Running

Whatever your project, it is crucial that power generators are always able to work and with portable fuel storage, you can safely ensure that your machinery is fueled up and ready to go at any time.

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