4 Simple Tips to Generate Extra Profit with Cookie Making Business

If you enjoy baking, a home bakery cookie-making business is what you need to do. Like seriously, what will be better than the aroma of warm baked cookies filling your house? Cookie making is a profitable business.

Today we will tell you how to generate extra profits with the same business.

How to Start a Cookie Making Business?

  1. Find the health laws and regulations of your country.
  2. Obtain a license to operate a kitchen.
  3. Write your business and marketing plan and count down all costs.
  4. Contact a reputed goods supplier for ingredients used in your cookies.
  5. Upgrade your kitchen. Install cabinets and buy separate tools for baking.
  6. Hire help if you need it.
  7. Sell your cookies.

Make Extra Profits with Your Cookie Making Business

1.     Active Social Media Sites

Do you know that in 2020, around 3.6 billion people had social media sites throughout the world?

Considering the huge amount of people using social media, we will recommend you to do marketing through social media sites. Make social media sites, enter your location, and put pictures of what you are offering. This way, you can gain a lot of customers nearby.

Not only social media marketing is in trend, but it is also cost-effective. Around 97% of marketers are using social media platforms to boost their sales.

2.     Focus on Your Customers

Some people prefer less sweet in their cookies, and others are allergic to specific foods. You can help them and your business. Take care of your customers, and they will help your business grow. If your cookies have allergic foods like eggs, peanuts, or wheat, do mention it. The best you can do is offer a diverse variety of cookies. Make them eggless or low sugar.

Also, it is better to focus on your current customers than to attract new customers.

3.     Target School and Office Parties

Do you know that people eat around 1000 cookies in a year?

Targeting big orders at school parties or office get-togethers is what you should definitely do. People prefer home-baked cookies, and around 93% of them enjoy cookie treats after every meal. Making a mindset and accepting big orders can boost your cookie-making business profits.

4.     Count Everything

People are often confused about how to calculate costs for their products. Well, here is the solution. Start from the beginning, from goods transportation costs and packaging to electricity used while baking, and yes, add cleanup time. Count in everything while you are calculating costs for your cookies.

Adding up all costs will help you manage costs and make a profitable living.


You need to have basic kitchen skills and know-how to prepare safe food. Take note of every ingredient you put into your cookies and aware your customers of that. If you are working at home, create a separate food storage and preparation area. Finally, tell people about your business locally. These tips will be a strong kick for your cookie business.

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